Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Monday

Good evening, I hope you had an awesome day. I have to admit my day started slow and I felt blah the majority of the day. I started the clean eating cleanse on Thursday and by Friday evening my attitude changed, not to mention the horrible sugar detoxing headache. Saturday was a little better when I began my one clean meal and 2 shakes/smoothies daily. (I'll post more about my cleanse and supplements in a different post).

My high, the best moment of today is that my awesome big sister got married...I am so happy for her. That totally made my day.

What was your high, best moment of the day?

Friday, September 12, 2014

WTF, Actually that's Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Good early morning, I've had my challenges the last couple days. We anticipated a huge storm on Wednesday but the rain wasn't too bad, however, my power went out. *cue sad face*. I thought my power would come back on after a couple hours at the most but I was wrong. It stayed out until after I went to work after noon on Thursday. Usually my power doesn't go out so I was a little lost. It did make me aware I need a plan. I will research "in case of emergency" plans and share the links. Well my power is back and I'm a happy camper. 

I missed Wordless Wednesday so I'll just double up next week.

My new news, I finally made the purchase and have AppleTV. Let me just say it was amazing and very entertaining / informative watching YouTube and my favorite bloggers on the big screen. It also made me realize I need to do a better job with my videos. I am going to use different tools/cameras for videos and see if any offer the quality I'm seeking. Please offer your recommendations if you don't mind sharing what you use.

Yesterday also marked my first day of clean eating. I struggled with breakfast because I had no power but I managed to avoid temptation and not eat anything "bad" in my house. 


I guess I'll try and blog about today's adventures tonight. Have an awesomeness day!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Talkative Tuesday - Sonya's Edition

Good evening *waves*

I decided to do something different and post a video...

I hope you are motivated to join, like, and subscribe to us on social media.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Really??? Yes, I'm Watching...

...Monday Night Football. It's awesome and I'm interested in the game. I'm learning my players and trying to decide who's jersey I'm going to wear. Slay is doing his thing or at least I'm impressed with him so far. I have to cheer and show love for Detroit's own Bell, and I can't forget Johnson, Bush and Tate are my second favs. All in all, so far so doesn't hurt were winning now...I interrupt my post...could it be that we just got a turnover...fingers crossed for a favorable call and we get the ball. YAY INTERCEPTION LIONS!!! I hope we get a "W" tonight.

Came back to add, woohoo, another interception and great decision QB, I see you Stafford.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Are You Ready For Some Football?

It's the beginning of FOOTBALL SEASON and the beginning of the struggle with Kayla and Sonya. We are so different when it comes to sports.

Kayla loves sports!!! She can tell you different facts about players, give you stats from college and sometimes even high school. She is truly a fan.

On the other hand, I am completely different. I will go to games but I can't tell you the players (unless they're on a reality show or dating someone on a reality show). I can only tell who win and lose because of other people's FB stats, tweets, or on Instagram.

Game days for Kayla are like tailgating. She will be out or home with her jersey (custom made, see picture below), cold beer and some type game day food enjoying the games.

I'm usually napping, relaxing, drinking, shopping or visiting, basically nothing whatsoever dealing with sports.

Packages, Packages...Oh My!

Good morning,

I realized that I usually don't post what's in my packages. I will mention that I love getting packages but never show what I received. Well today that changes, below are pictures of some of my favorite necklaces. I love them and cannot wait to wear them.

Well without delaying you any longer, here they are...

Friday, September 5, 2014

It's Friday, TGIF

It's Friday, for some it's the best day of the week. Are you one that looks forward to the weekend?

Well I feel like it's a holiday, a bonus, close to the best day ever, just kidding. I know you're probably tired of hearing about my braids but they are coming out today. WOOHOO!!!

That's actually not why I'm posting today. I want to share (and encourage you to join me if you wish) that I'm doing Dr. Junger's  Clean Cleanse. It is a 31 day program that I can extend if I wish. I start on Tuesday with 3 days of the Pre-Cleanse, 21 days of the Cleanse (or longer), and 7 days of Reintroduction. Please visit the website to see if you are interested.

I will discuss and update how I'm feeling throughout the Cleanse. I'm looking forward to this lifestyle change and I hope I can encourage you to join me.

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Last Night

I decided to have an impromptu photo shoot in honor of my last night with box braids. I enjoyed playing with my hair, with my accessories, and with lipsticks. I did 4 different hairstyles, different accessories and different lipsticks. You can't notice but I changed lipstick colors and tried to match the accessories. In the attached pictures I wore purple, blue,  black, and red lipstick. Well, without holding you up any longer, I hope you like my shoot...

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