Monday, September 30, 2013


As political gridlock grips the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia area), my mind is increasingly shifting to the very real potential of a government shutdown.  Fashion has taken a backseat in today’s post as I sincerely hope that we, as a country, can learn to re-convene at the table of humanity and have meaningful dialogue and debate instead of simply refusing to “budge”.  Let’s hope this near scare moves the public to DEMAND from their elected officials more talk and less grandstanding.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection

Afternoon Huns!!!
After along summer of reading reviews, watching first look videos, and patiently waiting, the day finally arrived.  What day is that you say; launch day for the RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection.  Despite all of the rave reviews, and a few that were not so great, I already had in mind what I wanted; the FABULOUS “Talk that Talk” lipstick.  Overall, I was not overwhelmed by most of the pieces as I felt that by repackaging several of the items from her other releases, that left a bit to be desired.  Not to mention when I think of fall, I think of FALL.  This collection really doesn’t make me think of fall.  So I woke up this morning on a mission…..Drop the kid off at school, drive in to work, put my bags down and hop the Metro train to the nearest Mall making it there right when the doors open.  That is pretty much how it went, except I didn’t really anticipate there being a LINE!!!  I arrived around 9:45 or so and the line was already about 25 deep.  Needless to say, not what I expected but not too bad.  This is my first time venturing into MAC before a launch so I had no idea what to expect.  Pleasantly, the line moved quickly and efficiently.  There were no “knock down, drag outs” over a lipstick or eyeliner and the staff was very helpful and pleasant.  All in all, my experience went well.  I was in and out in 30 minutes.  I can’t wait to get home and try it on.  Keep your eyes peeled for a review coming soon…………   

Nothing to Wear

How did the seasons change so fast? I was impressed with my random purchases of summer clothes but now it's Fall and I need a new wardrobe. I have a plan and actually see cute pieces that I like and want...AND will be purchasing. I think my color will be mustard. I'm excited and cannot wait to share my pictures of the day. Of course, here are some of my motivational pictures.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday....OOTD

Blouse; Nordstom Rack/ Sweater; TJMAXX/ Pants; Victoria Secret/ Shoes; Banana Republic/ Necklace; F21


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

HELP……………….I need a closet Makeover!!

“ I don’t have a thing to wear”….A woman’s famous last words.  But when your closet looks more like the laundry room than an actual closet, nothing could be truer.   Every season I add more pieces to my wardrobe and every year, my closet looks less and less organized.  I try to clean it out every season, donating my gently used pieces while making room for my new babies however, the last two season changes saw more incoming than outgoing.  Closets can be tricky.  Not enough items and you immediately run out to “fill’er up”, too many items and you can’t find that perfect piece you’re looking for.  I’ll be tackling the closet conundrum again this weekend.  Hopefully I find the perfect balance.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall into Scarves

So two years ago I did a scarf challenge, wear one every day for a month. I loved that challenge for two reasons: I accumulated a nice collection of scarves and I actually wore them. I will not do another challenge but I will pull them out and use them. I'm in my Fall shopping phase so bare with me. My goal is to post my outfit of the day that will include...guess? 


You are welcome to join me and I have attached a picture of different ways to wear them.


As Andy Williams would sing......."It's the Most, Wonderful Tiiime of the year" (For Fashion that is!!)

Happy Fall Huns!!

We are officially back in business!!  Yeah, yeah, I know, I've said this before but this time, it's definitely true. You know why? Because it's Fabulous Fall, the most important season of a fashionistas life....except for maybe Spring...then summer and I guess winter too.  OK, never mind, the point is I am soooo excited to begin styling for fall. I have so many looks that I want to try this Fall.  As for colors, I have really fallen for Cobalt blue.  That is certainly a trend color this fall and I've already stocked up.  Mustard is another color that I am looking forward to playing with. I have a few mustard pieces that I can hardly wait to style with some orange toned red lippies!!  As far as make-up is concerned, the oxblood from last season is still going strong and I'm anxiously anticipating the RiRi hearts MAC Fall collection that includes the stunning lip color "Talk that talk".  I will be in line at MAC this Thursday, 9/26 for the launch.  I've seen reviews of the other items and that is the only must have for me.  On to my hair; that is the one thing that is giving me the blues L  I don't know where to go this fall.  It is really at an awkward stage right now and I am doing my very best to be patient and resist the urge to pick up the razor......THAT, my friends, is for another post all together!!  I do look forward to posting this fall and am glad that you'll be coming along for this fall fashion ride!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall

Welcome back...

It's the first day of Fall and we decided today would be a great day to start back blogging. 

Summer was great. I turned 40 in July and haven't stopped working on my Fabolous. Lets discuss nail polishes, over the summer I fell in love with Sinful Colors nail polish.  Below are some of my favorite designs that I'll wear during Fall. I hope you like them and feel free to share your pictures if you try any of the designs.

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