Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's Dusty in Here...

Good evening Lovelies,

Excuse me while I dust and clean up the blog...need to spray some air freshener, open some windows, turn on the heat...

I know, I know...shame on me, well actually shame on us (I'm including Kayla too, lol). It's been a while but we're back. I know we disappeared and neither of us have a good reason but like I said we're back.

I know holidays always put me in the sharing mood, the positive mode, the creative zone, and the hopeful lane.

I believe I'm stepping in my season of change. It's time for me to reflect on this year. I have a little over a month to accomplish goals I set for the year. It's also time for me to focus on where I want to be next year.

Well I don't want to wear you out with my return post but I will ask that you stop by tomorrow to hear more.

Here are a couple selfies until tomorrow.

Have an awesome night and be good.


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