Thursday, January 16, 2014

Big Hair Don't Care!!

I got a quick bolt of energy and felt inspired to write a post.  I must say, I have been feeling quite hum drum and haven’t been in the mood to shop for ANYTHING in the past few months.  I think I just have Holiday fatigue.  All the looking and shopping and deals, it just got to be way too much.  (I never thought I would EVER not be inspired to shop.)  But what I HAVE been into lately is……………WIGS!!  Yes, the cold weather and my lack of inspiration for anything, including wrestling with my hair has drawn me to the wide, wide world of wigs and let me say, they are FAB!  I am in love.  The amazing Toni Daley ( is giving me such life with her wonderful array of wigs and wig reviews.  I actually just purchased a wig that she reviewed and when I sat back and thought about what I paid for it I have come to realize that wig shopping has superseded my clothes shopping.  That is why I have lost my zest for shopping.  It’s not lost, it has simply been transferred.  I literally just came to this realization while typing this post.  You guys are definitely my therapy…thanks for the “breakthrough”………………….  

Kayla (1/2 of The Ruby Rules)

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