Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Style, New Attitude

I'm not sure what happened but I typed the below message almost 3 weeks ago when I first had my hair braided.

Good afternoon...

I'm excited, I've wanted braids for a long time (like over 5 years) and I finally went to get my hair braided. I love my box braids. I cannot wait until they loosen some so I can begin to style them. I have to admit I didn't know they would be so heavy, a little painful, and that I wouldn't know how to sleep, lol. Here are some pictures and I will post more in detail next weekend. Have an awesomeness day and thanks for reading.

Fast forward to today...


I have had 3 weeks of struggles. I thought braids were supposed to be easy. I thought wake up in the morning, do something simple to my braids and have a beautiful style all day. I thought my time getting ready would be reduced. I WAS WRONG.I went from quick hairstyles to spending over 30-45 minutes trying to styles my braids and they look horrible. I had so many misconceptions. I've had "braids shock".  With all the problems, time consuming days, having co-workers help me, I wouldn't trade my braids experience. I've also decided instead of braids, get twists...and use a professional.  

Off to research how long my hair needs to rest before I attempt twists.

Wish me luck...

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