Monday, December 15, 2014

Kayla's Fabulous 40... just 4 looooooooog days away.

Good evening Lovelies,

We are four days away from Kayla's special day.

Today I think I will share 4 of my favorite memories.

1. First memories: being on UWF campus with her (our nicknames ended in "tho", Kayla was Kitho and I was Metho, lol) not a long story but we would pass out surveys to people on campus. It was funny, totally off the wall, typical college kids surveys. Btw Kayla, I still have the surveys lol.

2. Kayla coming to Detroit. She was between 14 - 16 years old and we had a ball hanging out downtown. I think we are always up from a challenge because we were challenging each other left and right.

3. Our Cousin Tiffany's bridal shower weekend: we had a ball. Not only was Tiffany's shower a lot of fun, we had fun. That's the weekend, we got matching tattoos. That was truly a fun-filled celebratory weekend.

4. Planning Kayla's wedding: All I want to say is TRAVEL PLEASE! Kayla lived in Atlanta, I was in Detroit, Hubby 2B in DC, and wedding in Florida. Almost every weekend for 2 months I was either flying to Atlanta, DC or Pensacola. We did so much planning (and partying). It was truly a great time that I was able to share in Kayla's special time.

Those are four of my favorites although we have many more...

Continuing the count...
Get ready Cousin :)


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