Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's More to Me

...than just trying to become a fashionista.

Good evening Lovelies,

It's more to me than fashion. I don't think I post often about my other interest. The one I'll share is that I enjoy cooking. I like experimenting in the kitchen. I like perfecting old recipes with a bit of new flair.

Lately I've been on a French toast kick. I have probably made it once (or 3 times) a week for the last month. I like it for breakfast but have made it for dinner (don't judge, lol).

I had so amazingly delicious French toast in Maryland earlier this year and I'm trying to perfect my recipe.

Some tips or additional ingredients:
Of course you use nutmeg but I've added
all spice

I've also realized that if you cook it on low you get a stronger, more flavorful toast. Cooking it slow give the spices time to combine and explode.

I have not stuffed any yet but that's on my agenda for her weekend. I think I'll create a live chat on YouTube do make sure you join me. (Matter of fact, cook along with me.)

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