Friday, April 24, 2015

Ready to Win - 7 Day Self Discovery Challenge

Good evening Lovelies, 

I am back to loving Facebook again.  I have to share that God is truly working on me. I have been making the right decisions lately and I believe everything is coming together for me. I have a new cellphone and decided to create a FB page dedicated to Ruby Rules. (Feel free to friend request me). I figured that page would be geared at everything to make this blog great, the YouTube channel great, the FB page great, basically make RubyRules great. 

It's working!!!

I'm inspired, motivated, and eager for success.

I want to share the online virtual challenge that Zamora Crawford Olin is hosting. Please read the details below and sign up. I challenge you to take the challenge with me.

April 26th - March 2nd!

Register Here:

Get ready to expose all the mess that's been stopping you from creating your own personal strategy for success!

Get ready to meet the woman you've always wanted to be, but was too afraid!

Get ready to uncover your untapped potential!

Get ready to take responsibility for your life!

Get ready to release everything that ever held you bound!


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