Monday, September 23, 2013

As Andy Williams would sing......."It's the Most, Wonderful Tiiime of the year" (For Fashion that is!!)

Happy Fall Huns!!

We are officially back in business!!  Yeah, yeah, I know, I've said this before but this time, it's definitely true. You know why? Because it's Fabulous Fall, the most important season of a fashionistas life....except for maybe Spring...then summer and I guess winter too.  OK, never mind, the point is I am soooo excited to begin styling for fall. I have so many looks that I want to try this Fall.  As for colors, I have really fallen for Cobalt blue.  That is certainly a trend color this fall and I've already stocked up.  Mustard is another color that I am looking forward to playing with. I have a few mustard pieces that I can hardly wait to style with some orange toned red lippies!!  As far as make-up is concerned, the oxblood from last season is still going strong and I'm anxiously anticipating the RiRi hearts MAC Fall collection that includes the stunning lip color "Talk that talk".  I will be in line at MAC this Thursday, 9/26 for the launch.  I've seen reviews of the other items and that is the only must have for me.  On to my hair; that is the one thing that is giving me the blues L  I don't know where to go this fall.  It is really at an awkward stage right now and I am doing my very best to be patient and resist the urge to pick up the razor......THAT, my friends, is for another post all together!!  I do look forward to posting this fall and am glad that you'll be coming along for this fall fashion ride!!!

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