Tuesday, September 24, 2013

HELP……………….I need a closet Makeover!!

“ I don’t have a thing to wear”….A woman’s famous last words.  But when your closet looks more like the laundry room than an actual closet, nothing could be truer.   Every season I add more pieces to my wardrobe and every year, my closet looks less and less organized.  I try to clean it out every season, donating my gently used pieces while making room for my new babies however, the last two season changes saw more incoming than outgoing.  Closets can be tricky.  Not enough items and you immediately run out to “fill’er up”, too many items and you can’t find that perfect piece you’re looking for.  I’ll be tackling the closet conundrum again this weekend.  Hopefully I find the perfect balance.


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