Monday, August 4, 2014

It's Monday and I am blogging again.........

Good Afternoon Lovelies……

I am back; well, for now that is.  I find it really difficult to stay on task and blog regularly.  I think that put too much pressure to deliver a blog worth reading.  I really have no desire to post just for the sake of saying that I posted but I need to find some motivation that will keep me posting regularly.  I’m sure you guys can relate.  This summer has literally flown right on by.  This has been a very challenging year for me.  I lost some very important people in my life.  My Aunt passed away in April and she was literally my second Mother.  I was totally devastated by her passing.  When I was just beginning to get my feet under me, my Father passed away.  He had been ill for about a year buthis passing was still an immense shock and beyond devastating.  I am slowly trying to come to grips with the fact that I won’t see or talk to these extremely important people in my life again.  Everything outwardly tells me that I am coping and that I am slowly getting back to normal but something deep down inside refuses to budge.  I feel like I am running around and around and going nowhere.  My daily life has become an existence.  I’ve traveled more than usual this summer hoping that in some small way, I can begin to enjoy some parts of my life again.  In many ways it has become nothing more than a shield or sorts; allowing me to appear to be healing.  I am hoping that getting back to something that I love, writing, will help me begin the healing process.  This post may be a bit more than you bargained for from a fashion blog but, I felt I owed it to myself to be true to what I feel on any given day and today, I felt like using this blog as therapy.  Until the next post……..  

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  1. As your co-blogger I cannot tell you how much this post means to me. It's give me insight without feeling like I'm bringing up how you're feeling on one of your better days. I hope you know I love and care about you and I'm here for you.


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