Thursday, January 8, 2015

YES, It's Thursday: Talkative Tuesday video

Good evening Lovelies,

It's finally my apologies for the delay (too many issues to discuss) but it's here, yayyyyy.

The websites are CarrieBradshawLied and check out SproutbyHP.

Well Happy 2015...

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  1. Hi Sonya! This is Akinyi from Fashion Blogger United! You said that you'll be here for MLK Weekend. We have an event on January 17th from 6-9pm, a blogger is revealing her blog. The address is 3415 8th Street NE Washington DC 20017. Let's meet-up before that so we can all go together maybe around 3 or 4pm. We can walk in dc and take some photos. Let me know, by emailing me at

    xoxo Akinyi


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