Sunday, February 8, 2015

Simply Sonya

"The best part is still ahead of me - I haven't experienced my "good old days" yet."
~ Luther Vandross 

Good evening Lovelies,

I struggled with my post today.  I could not think of anything, which is rare because I think about this blog and YouTube channel all the time.  I decided to discuss our better days. I love the quote from Luther Vandross above.  The best part is still ahead of me (and you).  The quote reminds me of one of my favorite toasts. It's...may the best of your today's be the worst of your tomorrows". There is always better, (say it with me...there is always better") and my best is still ahead and your best is still ahead.

I will leave you with a quote my mom always told me:

Good, better, best
Never let it rest,
Until your good,
is your better,
and your better,
is your BEST!!!

Remember "the best part is still ahead of me". Have a great week and stay encouraged.


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