Thursday, March 5, 2015

Marching Down...

...down Memory Lane.

Good evening Lovelies, 

Today is Throwback Thursday and instead of pictures, I want you take you down Memory Lane. I was thinking about when Kayla and I first started FaceTime'ing. Kayla's in Maryland and I'm in Michigan. We go through breaks when life pulls us in opposite directions or when we need breaks. 

I can remember Kayla calling after we hadn't talked in months. I have to backtrack and let you know that when we're in our zone, we will talk all day, all the time...driving to work, on lunch, driving home, all day on the weekends. When we take breaks (even for a week feels like forever, lol). Okay back marching down Memory Lane. We hadn't talked and she called me. We talked for a while then she suggested FT'ing. 

It was so funny because I had to search my iPad to find what and where the app/icon was located. After I figured the app, Kayla called...and that's it...

The reason I facetime is because I see my cousin. We have great talks, we laugh and cry. I'm thankful.

Good night,

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