Monday, March 30, 2015

Palm Sunday 2015

(posted early Monday)

Yesterday, Palm Sunday was a good busy day. Although Holy Week is bittersweet, I enjoy the readings from mass. It's the story of Jesus entering the town, it's sad because it's also the beginning of the week where he will suffer.

I think about HIS suffering and often I'm sad and ashamed, HE did it for me and I can't do right. That greatest commandment gets me every time. Love your neighbor as I've loved you.

After church, I was home redecorating, cleaning, organizing. I am having fun with updating my son's room but it's also hard to make sure it's kid friendly and a place he'll enjoy.

I'm also working on my closet, I need an extra large dose of creative juice. Hopefully I'll be finished with both my Sunday, (Easter Sunday).

Have an awesome day. Be good.
~ Sonya

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