Monday, May 18, 2015

Motivational Monday: I'm Ready

Good evening Lovelies,

Yesterday I shared that I'm trying new things. I am so happy to report that I've had a great first day. I didn't do everything I had planned but I accomplished enough to show I'm moving forward.

I woke up and actually dressed a little cute for work. I'm still working on becoming a fashionista. Some days are better than others. I find it easy to revert to my carefree ways. I should have posted my outfit of the day except I didn't wear makeup or accessories today.

I did take all my vitamins. I don't feel different but I don't expect to either. I drunk my gallon of water too. That was easier than I thought. I even cooked breakfast: scrambled eggs with salsa and guacamole. That was delicious and I'm looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.

I set a goal of 200 YouTube subscribers by the end of the week and I'm happy to report I'm over half way there. Btw, if you haven't subscribed, please take a few minutes to show support and subscribe to Ruby Rules.

I also filmed a little this morning. I will continue to try and film a little a day. I'm looking forward to sharing my news and thoughts. I also plan to start two different categories on YouTube. (I will continue to post the videos here so no worries, it would be great if you made this site a daily stop.)

I'm off to bed. Good night Lovelies and be good.

~ Sonya

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