Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday with Sonya

Good evening Lovelies, 

If you don't know, I'm the youngest in my family and want to take a moment to say Happy Birthday Tami, my awesomeness big sister. I hope she's enjoying her day.

Now about me, lol. This morning I woke up with the idea of getting my bedroom and closet together. I know I talk about this often but I am making progress. Friday I ordered the slim velvet hangers so I will transition all my clothes to them during this week. I'm excited for them to arrive because I ordered the hangers with a spot for accessories so I will be hanging up my scarves as well.

Okay back to today. I woke up motivated to find something for my room. You truly have to have a vision to move forward. So anyway, I looked at comforter sets and wallpaper. I am so excited now. I am giving myself until Mid-July to complete everything. My birthday is July 1st so hopefully my gifts will be labor to help me complete my room, lbvs (laughing but very serious).

Here's are pics of my ideas.

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