Wednesday, May 22, 2013

40 until 40

Yesterday turned out to be a great day, nothing spectacular but great overall. Today was equally uneventful but great none the less. It's great because I woke up, I have family and friends, I get to love and be loved.

Okay, now about my title. I am 40 days away from my 40 birthday. I am sharing my 40 Things To Do Before 40 list. (The ones I've completed is in BOLD and the ones in currently working on are italicizes)

1 treat a stranger
2  focus on my true friends
3  ride a motorcyle / bike
4  get a Brazillian
5  go to the opera
6  learn to do my make up  
7  buy some statement pieces for my waredobe
8  take the train
9  plant a tree
10  take a cooking class
11  Do P.R.
12  create new blog  
13  video blog / youtube 
14  take a spin class
15  dive off the diving board
16  test drive a luxury car
17  do an alter ego photo shoot
18  go to Morton's
19  send someone flowers
20  send myself flowers
21  learn to sew
22  get a tandem massage
23  play 18 holes of golf
24  fly a kite
25  cook breakfast at RMH
26  take sandwiches to CC
27  try a new food
28  read at church
29  try yoga
30  write a story to RJ
31  sleep under the stars
32  be in two places at one time and take the picture :)
33  finish a scrapbook
34  meet someone famous
35  ride a Mechanical bull
36  go to Niagara Falls  
37  organize my desk
38  create my closet
39  tell how I feel

40  get Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 purse as a birthday gift    

Feel free to share your recommendations and how I can complete each one or feel free to join me, the more the merrier.

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