Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MAC....I knocked off your lipsticks!!

Good Evening Cuties-

I, like many, despite my best efforts, have become increasingly concerned about aging.  Unfortunatley, I don't think that I will be one of those folks that ages gracefully.  I have a feeling that I will be in my dermatologists office BEGGING for the latest age-defying invention.  But until that time, I have decided to invest in my make-up collection and fool folks the old-fashioned way :-).  Building a make-up collection can be expensive.  Like clothes, it is always important to invest in some of your standard items; brushes, bases, primers, etc. however, a good way to save overall and be able to try several brands, is to purchase "knock-off" versions of some of your favorites and that is exactly what I did.  While perousing Pinterest (One of my all-time favorite activities to do), I ran across a very interesting picture....

I must admit, I do love MAC lipsticks and stains but I am equally a lover of drugstore brands, particularly Revlon so this piqued my interest.  I decided to locate as many of these colors as I could and do a little test of my own.  As I don't have the MAC brands to compare them to it's not a full out comparison but I can do a simple test and see how I feel about each color on my lips.  So begins the test....

  As I applied each color what immediately struck me was the feel of each on my lips.  I tested the three Revlon brands first and noticed that although Matte, there was a bit of a shine to each that made them not quite as harsh.  The three Revlon neutrals, "Pink Pout", "Stormy Pink", and "Smoked Peach" were each different yet similar and all held their own as far as pigmentation is concerned.  The Covergirl color "Spellbound" had a semi-glossy finish and was super pigmented.  When I attempted to remove it with first tissue, and later vaseline, I still had a stain on my lips that gave the appearance that I had been drinking cherry Kool-aid :-).  I am not a fan of long-lasting lipsticks so for me, this didn't work.  The Rimmel "Nude Delight" was a pretty nude but not as Matte as I like.  This one would definitely require concealer on the lips for the way that I like to wear my nudes.  Overall, for the price, it would be good for a beachy look with a nude gloss on top.

This little experiment bods well for my lipstick collection.  Considering I paid less than $20.00 for 5 shades of lipstick, 3 of which will join my Summer 2013 collection (The remaining two will be shipped to Sonya's house for review...hehehehe).   I think my next test will include some NYX eyeshadow bases versus MAC Paint Pots.  Can't wait for that...that means I can test out my vibrant eyeshadow looks.  Stay Tuned......   

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