Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself........(In my HOV voice)

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday Cuties!!
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.  If you are here reading this then you already know that my cousin, Sonya and I have joined the blogosphere.  I am soooo excited to be able to share some of my more interesting ideas as well as some of what I consider the mundane experiences that happen in day to day life.  Whatever the occasion or idea, putting it on paper or in picture and soliciting the feedback of this wonderful community is sure to make it that much more fun don't you think?  Well, I must admit that I thought long and hard about what my first post would be.  I went back and forth trying to figure out what people would most want to know.  Finally, I decided to just say whatever came to my mind.  That's the best way to build an honest blog and to get as much out of it as you put into it.  I really look forward to reading your comments and can't wait until we start the contests and giveaways.
The idea for this blog came about rather unexpectantly.  Sonya and I talk often, mostly sharing beauty or fashion tips or just trying to come up with challenges that we can do together so that we are more successful in completing them (what immediately comes to mind is our raw diet challenge or one of our many cleanses).  After we came up with the blog idea, Sonya immediately went to work crafting our name, look, and content.  Those of you that know Sonya know that she is a creative being that has several creative ventures that she already participates in, so I left much of the heavy lifting to her :).  We decided to name the blog RubyRules in honor of our Grandmother, the late Ruby Mae Holley Riley.  She taught us everything that we know and we wanted to pay homage to her kind, creative spirit, as well as her many sayings that in one way or another, rule the way that we live our lives.  I hope that this blog brings many laughs, some tears, a whole lot of fun and sharing of ideas.  But most of all, I hope that it stays true to it's original intent and that is to bring our Grandmothers core beliefs to life.  I would want her to be proud of the content in this blog and to notice the profound impact that she has had on our lives and know that she continues to live through us.........    

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