Thursday, May 23, 2013

Welcome to Summer....

Happy Thursday Dolls-

With weather in the DC Metro area being wet and muggy the past few weeks, my hair is in a state of perpetual FLUFF.  I have read every article there is to read on maintaining your style in humid weather.  I have used everythng from extra moisture, to holding gels for twist-outs, to butters, to heavy creams and everything in between.  Last night I decided to just do the smartest thing.....give up.  When I say give up, I simply mean giving up and giving in to what my natural hair wants to 'naturally' do.  When the dew point rises, natural curly tresses are "programmed" to want to take in the moisture in the atmosphere.  Of course, we can slather on all types of products to try and avert our hairs attention from that process but more often than not, by days end, it will all be in vain.  My hair is HIGHLY porous, meaning it sucks up any water nearby.  So on a day like yesterday when the dew point reached almost 70%, my super-defined twist out was a fluffy, shrunken, cotton ball.  I realized then and there that I would not attemt to manipulate my curls into anything other than what they are.  No more manufactured curls.  I will cleanse, mosturize, seal all that goodness into my strands, and go.  I know that protective styling is all the rage with naturals but I am just not that big of a fan.  Yes, I know that it protects your hair against the elements and yes, I also know that it helps protect your ends which ultimately helps with length retention but honestly, I love my hair big.  I've never worn twists for more than a day before they became a twist-out.  I will TRY to wear a few more protective styles during this summer, especially when the heat becomes unbearable but overall I think I'll stick to the motto....if it ain't broke, don't fix it. 

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